NMLS Pre-Licensing Training & Tutoring


Need additional NMLS training? Well, here you go! The videos available for purchase below are recordings of recently-conducted training webinars surrounding each video’s respective topic. Many of the videos also come with applicable PDF versions of the documents referenced in the training video.

Whether you purchase one or all of them, these training videos will help propel you on your way to understanding what you need to know in order to slam the NMLS exam out of the park!

AxS Development is sincerely honored to partner with OnlineEd, a premier NMLS-approved education provider educating the mortgage industry for over 20 years (NMLS # 1400327). OnlineEd offers an exciting variety of NMLS-approved pre- and post-licensing training, all formulated to bring out the steely-eyed, top-producing mortgage machine who you really are.

The NMLS Exam Prep Webinar

"Maximizing Your Success"

Did you know that, per the NMLS itself, only 53% of those who take the NMLS exam actually pass it? That is a staggeringly-low overall pass rate for an exam of this caliber! Which group would YOU rather be a part of … the 53% who pass or the 47% who don’t? The NMLS Exam Prep Webinar, “Maximizing Your Success” is a one-time, two-hour strategy webinar during which the participant receives numerous and proven exam-prep tips and strategies, study tips and strategies, and exam-taking tips and strategies, all formulated to enhance the likelihood that the participant passes the NMLS National MLO Licensing Exam on their first attempt. The participant will also receive 18 additional study resources and be able to participate in an open Q&A at the end. Can you really afford not to attend this training???

The NMLS Exam Prep Webinar, “Maximizing Your Success” – Online Version

Can’t find a webinar time that fits into your schedule? Can’t sit in the same place for two-hours all at once? Well, no problem! The NMLS Exam Prep Webinar, “Maximizing Your Success” is also available in an online version. Same material just minus the live Q&A!

Quality practice exams are an integral part of any NMLS exam prep study regimen. Used in conjunction with standard study practices, quality practice exams are a highly-effective way for the test candidate to prepare him or herself for what’s about to come! AxS Development is proud to partner with SAFE MLO Exam Prep in providing exceptional, high-quality practice exams. And they’re so sure that these practice exams will help you to pass the NMLS exam, SAFE MLO Exam Prep even offers a money-back guarantee!

Strengthen your understanding of what you need to know for the NMLS exam. Choose from a selection of numerous exam training videos.


  • ^Maximizing Your Success … The NMLS Exam Prep Webinar!
  • ^FCRA and FACTA and FTC Red Flags, OH MY!
  • ^Think You Know ARMS??? For the NMLS Exam, You'll Have To!
  • ^Knowing + Mortgage Math = Passing the NMLS Exam!
  • ^FHA, VA, and USDA Loans ... How Well Do You Know Them?
  • ^Non-Traditional Mortgage Products That You Really Need to Know!
  • ^RESPA, ECOA, and the NMLS Exam!
  • ^The Truth-in-Lending Act - What You Need to Know!
  • ^TRID - Part I
  • ^TRID - Part II - The Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure
  • ^Ethics & The NMLS - Part 1
  • ^Ethics & The NMLS - Part 2
  • ^The Dodd Frank Act, The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act & Homeowners Protection Act - Knowing All The Things!
  • ^Balloon & Reverse Mortgages … Knowing is a Good Thing!
  • ^Knowing The Disclosures … The Tools of Your Trade!
  • ^Insurances to Ensure That You Pass the NMLS Exam!


One-on-One, Personalized,

NMLS Exam Prep Tutoring

Let’s face it! Sometimes we all just need a little extra help. And one-on-one, individualized exam-prep tutoring is just the solution that you need. The added help to get you past the struggles and into the winner’s circle! One-on-one exam-prep tutoring has helped countless test candidates achieve success. Even test candidates who have failed the NMLS exam twice have successfully conquered it after utilizing one-on-one tutoring. Inquire today for more information and to get started down your pathway to success while leaving the blues and struggles behind. Consider one-on-one tutoring as an investment in yourself and your career. Learn more about one-on-one tutoring by watching this short video.

Here's how one-on-one NMLS exam tutoring works!

All tutoring sessions are conducted virtually. The first session is always complimentary. During this initial, 1/2-hour session, your instructor will get to know you, learn a bit about your background, your goals, learning style, what you find challenging, and what you find easy. During this first session, you and your instructor will formulate your goals along with a game plan in order to maximize the efficiency of your time. There is no actual tutoring conducted during this initial session.

Subsequent sessions will be based on the strategy that you and your tutor map out during your initial session. Your tutor will also provide you with practice exams which you will complete on your own time and which you and your tutor will review in subsequent sessions. Additionally, your tutor will randomly surprise you with rapid-fire questions in order to spontaneously gauge your understanding of the material and help to build your confidence.

The number of sessions conducted remains completely up to you although your instructor will offer recommendations based on your progress. Each session will last either one, one-and-a-half, or two hours.

The hourly rate is $85.00 and a lump-sum package of 15 tutoring hours for a one-time, upfront fee of $1,200.00 (representing a $75.00 savings) is also available. You’re encouraged to consider one-on-one, personalized NMLS exam prep tutoring as an investment in yourself and your career.

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NMLS Required Education Available for all 50 states!

OnlineEd (NMLS # 1400327), a premier, NMLS-approved education provider, offers all required NMLS Continuing Education (CE) and Late Continuing Education (LCE) to ensure that you have what you need to effectively and compliantly operate in the Mortgage Industry. The primary, 8-hour Continuing Education (CE) course, along with all state-specific Continuing Education (CE) components are now only a click or two away.