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The video(s) you are about to review are protected under United States Copyright Law. Any unauthorized replication, duplication, or sharing of any AxSellerated Development training video is strictly prohibited. By continuing with your purchase, you acknowledge your understanding that, should you purchase any of the videos offered, any unauthorized replication, duplication, or sharing of this material, without the prior and expressed written consent of AxSellerated Development, LLC, constitutes a violation of copyright law and will subject you to criminal and civil prosecution. So, it's really not worth it, is it? You further acknowledge your understanding that all indications of unauthorized replication, duplication, and sharing will be thoroughly investigated and addressed in accordance with the law. By continuing with your purchase, you acknowledge that any videos that you may purchase are for your sole and personal use, you further agree to not replicate, duplicate, or share this material with anyone else, and that you will abide by these terms.

Additionally, due to the ever-evolving mortgage industry and our desire to avoid sharing obsolete information, any video(s) that you may purchase will be accessible for up to one year from the date of purchase. Your continuance in purchasing the video(s) constitutes your acknowledgment of and consent to this condition.

Well, here you go! The videos available for purchase below are recordings of recently-conducted training webinars surrounding each video’s respective topic. Many of the videos also come with applicable PDF versions of the documents referenced in the training video.

Whether you purchase one video or all of them, these training videos will help propel you on your way to understanding what you need to know in order to slam the NMLS exam out of the park!

Due to the ever-evolving mortgage industry and our desire to avoid sharing obsolete information, any video(s) that you may purchase will be accessible for up to one year from the date of purchase.


    Add to cartSometimes you just can’t pass up a bargain!  And this is just… Read More
  • Maximize Your Success … The NMLS Exam Prep Webinar! (Recording)

    Add to cartThe process for effectively preparing for success on the SAFE NMLS MLO… Read More
  • FCRA and FACTA and FTC Red Flags, OH MY!

    Add to cartDid you know that Regulation V is the regulation under which the… Read More
  • Think You Know ARMs? – For The NMLS Exam You’ll Have To!

    Add to cartAdjustable-rate mortgages tend to be one of the most intimidating items on… Read More
  • Knowing + Mortgage Math = Passing The NMLS Exam!

    Add to cartDebt-to-income ratios.  Loan-to-values.  Combined loan-to-values.  High credit loan-to-values.  W-2 income.  Self-employed income. … Read More
  • FHA, VA, and USDA Loans … How Well Do You Know Them?

    Add to cartOnce you’ve mastered conventional financing you’re not quite ready to kick back! … Read More
  • Non-Traditional Mortgage Products That You Really Need to Know!

    Add to cartEven though the dog days of Alternative-A lending may seem long gone,… Read More
  • RESPA, ECOA, and The NMLS Exam!

    Add to cartRESPA, the number one regulation governing the real estate industry, is one… Read More
  • The Truth-in-Lending Act – What You Need To Know!

    Add to cartHOEPA, the MDIA, HPML, rights of rescission, advertising, ARMs, and so much… Read More
  • TRID – Part I

    Add to cartIn October, 2015, the mortgage industry was set on its ear with… Read More
  • TRID – Part II

    Add to cartThe Loan Estimate.  Replacer of the Good Faith Estimate and the Initial… Read More
  • Ethics & The NMLS – Part I

    Add to cartPrior to 2008, unscrupulous lending activities plagued the mortgage industry.  Mortgage originations… Read More
  • Ethics & The NMLS – Part II

    Add to cartFiduciary duty and many other critical terms and concepts with which the… Read More
  • The Dodd-Frank Act, The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, & The Homeowners Protection Act – Knowing All The Things!

    Add to cartRESPA, ECOA, TILA, and TRID are the four regulations on which you… Read More
  • Balloon & Reverse Mortgages … Knowing is a Good Thing!

    Add to cartDemand loans, bullet loans, call loans, balloon loans.  Did you know that… Read More
  • Knowing The Disclosures … The Tools of Your Trade!

    Add to cartYou visit the doctor for your annual physical.  She comes into the… Read More
  • Insurances to Ensure That You Pass the NMLS Exam!

    Add to cartAt what LTV is MIP automatically removed?  Is it 80?  How about… Read More
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