The Truth-in-Lending Act – What You Need To Know!



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HOEPA, the MDIA, HPML, rights of rescission, advertising, ARMs, and so much more.  Yup, the Truth-in-Lending Act is in the top four of the regulations on which the SAFE Exam loves to test.  And there is so much that you need to know about TILA that we’ve created an entire training video dedicated solely to Reg Z.  As you hopefully already know, one of TILA’s three purposes is to disclose the overall cost of the loan.  But do you know the other two?  What is the HPML threshold as well as the three HOEPA thresholds?  What fees are included in the APR and which ones are not?  How about the two types of loans that you would expect to have rights of rescission but don’t have to?  There is so much that you need to know about TILA!  How sure are you that you’re learning everything that you should be learning about this heavily-tested regulation?  I guess it’s time to watch this training video!

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