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FHA, VA, and USDA Loans … How Well Do You Know Them?


Once you’ve mastered conventional financing you’re not quite ready to kick back!  Government mortgage loans are extremely important arrows in the quivers of mortgage loan originators since borrowers who, for assorted reasons, cannot qualify for conventional mortgage financing may be able to realize the American dream of homeownership by securing a government loan.  Aside from the need for your familiarity with them to effectively serve your borrowers’ needs, you must know about their purposes, uses, and underwriting parameters to score well on the national SAFE MLO Licensing Exam.  Do you know what the minimum down payment for an FHA loan is?  Ok, but what is it when the applicant’s credit score is below 580?  Do you know the maximum amount of settlement fees that you can compliantly charge a VA mortgage customer or how residual income influences qualification?  And what about the two types of USDA loans?  When would you use the Home Ownership Direct instead of the GRH?  If your response to any of these questions is a blank stare, what are you waiting for?  Order this training video today!