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The Dodd-Frank Act, The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, & The Homeowners Protection Act – Knowing All The Things!


RESPA, ECOA, TILA, and TRID are the four regulations on which you can expect to be most heavily tested when taking the SAFE National Mortgage Licensing Exam.  But if you expect the pass the NMLS Exam, you are going to have to be fluent in many more regulations than those.  This training video provides you with the 4-1-1, the skinny, and the what’s up? on three extremely important regulations on which you are guaranteed to be tested when you take the NMLS Exam.  Are you aware that the Dodd-Frank Act is what brought us the CFPB and ability-to-repay considerations?  Do you know what the Safeguards Rule requires of lenders?  Are you aware of the LTV at which PMI must automatically be removed assuming that the loan is non-conforming (and spoiler alert … it’s not 78%)?  I’m thinking that you studying this video might be a good idea now, don’t you?  Well, then go grab it!