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Regardless of where you’re at in your professional journey, having support is extremely helpful when you are going through a big transition.

Whether you’re preparing a new venture in the mortgage industry or looking to level up your sales team, AxSellerated Development’s trainers are here with years of industry experience to keep your mind focused and on track while giving you the tools for success. If you’re ready to find the motivation to push forward and reach your goals, begin by exploring our success coaching services below.


Achieve your goals. AxSellerate your career!

It’s easy to say but, the bottom line is, … we genuinely care. Trust must be earned so go ahead, be skeptical. AxSellerated Development was created out of an altruistic desire to help people overcome obstacles to success.

Everybody has a unique and individualized purpose. A reason for being here. Most people feel lost, to at least some extent. Most people, some more than others, question what it is that they’re meant to be doing. Many people have little-to-no recognition of what their true purpose is … sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone! Everyone, deep down inside, knows their purpose. They’re simply too distracted to see it.

All throughout a person’s formative years, he or she is frequently subjected to the opinions of well-meaning friends, family, and mentors who often attempt to influence that person down the path that they feel is what is in that person’s best interests. Messages received containing phrases such as, “Do this.” “Don’t do that.” “Be this.” “Be that.” “Don’t waste your time.” “It can’t possibly earn you a solid living.” Every time a person hears such a phrase, it deposits another layer of sediment on top of that individual’s true calling, masking that calling, and pushing it deeper and deeper into that person’s subconscious abyss. And, in general, pursuing a purpose solely for the obtainment of money will always obscure one’s true purpose. Money can always flow. Following one’s true purpose is the true key to success.


Why not task AxSellerated Development with helping you to clear away all of that sediment? Why not let us assist you in identifying and embracing your true purpose? And then, once realized, we’ll help you obtain it by formulating and executing a tangible strategy for you to actualize that purpose.

Put plainly and simply, we want you to succeed – personally and professionally. That’s what’s important to us. In order to succeed, you bring the passion and desire, and that’s when we’ll take over. You want to be successful? Of course you do! But success requires more than passion and desire. You need the tools: knowledge, skills, processes, organization, strategies, and confidence. And that’s what we provide.

For our success coaching and self-realization clients, we will work with you one-on-one, in person or virtually. For our mortgage industry clients, we will teach you what you need to know to originate mortgages effectively, compliantly, and abundantly. To do so you must know the fundamentals, the rules that you must follow, and the effective strategies to implement.

AxSellerated Development will take care of all that for you – tailored to you as an individual or organization. Relax! You’ve found us! When you’re ready to take your career to the next level, reach out. We’ll earn your trust.

AxSDevelopment…..Imagination, Visualization, Actualization, Manifestation

Customer Service Training

Everybody claims to have exceptional customer service. In fact, we hear that so frequently, those words have become transparent. How many times have you heard a company pride itself on exceptional service only to present poorly-trained professional apologizers who make it quite clear that where they are is the last place where they want to be? What it comes down to is that most customer service representatives are little more than empty promisers and script readers. When is the last time you encountered someone who impressed you as truly caring about and liking their job all-the-while genuinely concerned about you, the customer? We will instill the skills and techniques to make your staff stand apart from your competition while teaching them how to create “raving fans.”

Sales Training

Most sales professionals are either comfortable traveling the pathway to mediocrity or simply don’t know how to do otherwise. They try and they try but their actions prove ineffective at best. AxSellerated Development can turn your benchwarmers into homerun hitters when we share what it takes to make your customers want to buy.

Communication &
Motivation Training

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Even after implementing the most effective sales and customer service practices, without understanding the roles of communication and without the proper motivation, results are often mediocre at best. Our communication trainers and professional motivators would love the opportunity to energize your staff to new and exciting levels.

General Mortgage Training

In need of generalized of mortgage training?
AxSellerated Development’s got you!

  • Customer Service
  • Front-End Origination and Production Systems
  • Compliance
  • Sales
  • Communication

AxSellerated Development can customize and tailor the training that you need to effectively train the people on whom you depend. Our industry expert instructors will conduct your training live at your office, virtually, or online. Whatever works best for you.

Book Rich Leffler as a Public Speaker

Rich Leffler is a sought-after and highly charismatic speaker who captivates his audiences while providing a valuable learning opportunity, helping them stay up-to-date on important NMLS industry standards and practices.

Helping individuals achieve their goals & dreams by teaching them how to get out of their way

Mortgage origination fundamentals

Personal and professional motivation

Best practices for sales

Winning communication strategies

Best practices for customer service

Effective strategies for generating new business

Rich Leffler