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Balloon & Reverse Mortgages … Knowing is a Good Thing!


Demand loans, bullet loans, call loans, balloon loans.  Did you know that they all refer to the same thing?  Do you know how to differentiate between a balloon loan containing a conditional right to modify and one that doesn’t?  No?  You don’t?  Hmmmm.  Well, how about this?  What is the difference between a HECM, a Single-Purpose, and a Proprietary reverse mortgage?  And what are the 13 reasons why a servicer can call a reverse mortgage balance due in 30-days?  Wait!  How about the fun fact that a HECM is the only FHA loan that affords a property owner an exemption from being on the promissory note?  Did you know that?  If you weren’t already aware of all of these intriguing little factoids, this video is calling your name!  That’s because you must be more than just familiar with these types of loans if you expect to perform well on the SAFE National Test.  Hear it calling your name?  Shhhhh!  Listen?  It really is.