How Do You Know That You’re Ready?

NMLS Exam Readiness Assessment

NMLS exam candidates regularly inquire as to how much studying will adequately prepare them for passing the NMLS exam.

The truth is, there is no cookie-cutter answer! Everybody learns at different paces. Everyone processes and retains information differently. The only generalized litmus test for NMLS exam readiness is when the test candidate becomes thoroughly familiar with everything appearing on the NMLS Test Content Outline while consistently scoring in the mid-to-high 90’s on quality practice exams. At that point, they’re most likely ready. Most likely!

The NMLS Exam Readiness Assessment is a ½-hour, virtual meeting with an NMLS exam prep trainer during which the trainer will objectively assess your readiness for the NMLS exam. If the assessment concludes that you’re not quite ready, and, if you ultimately decide to pursue one-on-one, personalized NMLS exam prep tutoring, your $25 NMLS Exam Readiness Assessment fee will be credited towards your first tutoring session’s tuition. Consider this as an investment in yourself and your career.

If, at this point, you’re still concerned, why not assuage those concerns by undergoing a personalized NMLS Exam Readiness Assessment?

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