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Knowing The Disclosures … The Tools of Your Trade!


You visit the doctor for your annual physical.  She comes into the exam room, picks up her stethoscope, and starts listening to your head.  Immediately you question her competency, right?  Yeah you do!  We expect our medical professionals to know how to appropriately use the tools of their trade.  Well, as the “Mortgage Doctor,” © you’re also expected to be thoroughly familiar with the tools of your trade, including the disclosures you must issue upon taking a mortgage application.  In preparing for the SAFE NMLS Exam, you will not only need to know about the various disclosures you will be using all throughout your professional practice, you’ll also need to know their issuance and, when applicable, their re-issuance requirements.  If you’re anything less than thoroughly proficient with and knowledgeable about the tools of your trade, you really should study this video!