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Think You Know ARMs? – For The NMLS Exam You’ll Have To!


Adjustable-rate mortgages tend to be one of the most intimidating items on the mortgage originations menu of selections.  Just the mere mention of an ARM can send shivers down the back of the most steely-eyed mortgage professional.  NMLS MLO National Licensing Exam candidates (and even tenured mortgage professionals) often spend hour upon frustrating hour trying to understand what boils down to remarkably simple loan concepts and parameters.  And you must be familiar with ARMs if you expect to perform well on the NMLS Exam.  This training video provides anyone wanting to improve their understanding of adjustable-rate mortgages with the step-by step-explanations to make an otherwise scary mortgage program seem friendly and understandable.  And once you more clearly understand ARMs, not only will you dramatically improve your likelihood of passing the SAFE MLO National Licensing Examination, you will also recognize circumstances under which the ARM serves your customers’ needs better than any other mortgage program.