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The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp


An easy-to-comprehend introduction to the Mortgage Industry for the new, recently-hired, and…

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Insider Basics for the First Time Homebuyer


Insider Basics for the First-Time Home Buyer! is an important resource and…

Training Videos


    Add to cartSometimes you just can’t pass up a bargain!  And this is just… Read More
  • Maximize Your Success … The NMLS Exam Prep Webinar! (Recording)

    Add to cartThe process for effectively preparing for success on the SAFE NMLS MLO… Read More
  • FCRA and FACTA and FTC Red Flags, OH MY!

    Add to cartDid you know that Regulation V is the regulation under which the… Read More
  • Think You Know ARMs? – For The NMLS Exam You’ll Have To!

    Add to cartAdjustable-rate mortgages tend to be one of the most intimidating items on… Read More
  • Knowing + Mortgage Math = Passing The NMLS Exam!

    Add to cartDebt-to-income ratios.  Loan-to-values.  Combined loan-to-values.  High credit loan-to-values.  W-2 income.  Self-employed income. … Read More
  • FHA, VA, and USDA Loans … How Well Do You Know Them?

    Add to cartOnce you’ve mastered conventional financing you’re not quite ready to kick back! … Read More
  • Non-Traditional Mortgage Products That You Really Need to Know!

    Add to cartEven though the dog days of Alternative-A lending may seem long gone,… Read More
  • RESPA, ECOA, and The NMLS Exam!

    Add to cartRESPA, the number one regulation governing the real estate industry, is one… Read More
  • The Truth-in-Lending Act – What You Need To Know!

    Add to cartHOEPA, the MDIA, HPML, rights of rescission, advertising, ARMs, and so much… Read More
  • TRID – Part I

    Add to cartIn October, 2015, the mortgage industry was set on its ear with… Read More
  • TRID – Part II

    Add to cartThe Loan Estimate.  Replacer of the Good Faith Estimate and the Initial… Read More
  • Ethics & The NMLS – Part I

    Add to cartPrior to 2008, unscrupulous lending activities plagued the mortgage industry.  Mortgage originations… Read More
  • Ethics & The NMLS – Part II

    Add to cartFiduciary duty and many other critical terms and concepts with which the… Read More
  • The Dodd-Frank Act, The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, & The Homeowners Protection Act – Knowing All The Things!

    Add to cartRESPA, ECOA, TILA, and TRID are the four regulations on which you… Read More
  • Balloon & Reverse Mortgages … Knowing is a Good Thing!

    Add to cartDemand loans, bullet loans, call loans, balloon loans.  Did you know that… Read More
  • Knowing The Disclosures … The Tools of Your Trade!

    Add to cartYou visit the doctor for your annual physical.  She comes into the… Read More
  • Insurances to Ensure That You Pass the NMLS Exam!

    Add to cartAt what LTV is MIP automatically removed?  Is it 80?  How about… Read More


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    Select options$100.00 or $950.00 when you purchase 10 sessions (a $50 savings) Read More
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