Should I Get an NMLS Exam Prep Tutor?

According to the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) (the agency that oversees the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS)), the NMLS national mortgage licensing examination’s overall failure rate is, and has for years, consistently been right around 50%.  Yup!  You read that right!  Just about half of those who want to pass the NMLS exam are never able to do so.  That’s an extraordinarily high failure rate for an exam of this caliber.


You may find solace in learning that attempting and failing the NMLS exam is not the end of the road.  The NMLS test candidate who fails the exam can certainly attempt to take it a second time.  That is after waiting 30 days and paying the $110 exam registration fee again.  And fear not!  If the test taker fails it a second time, he or she can attempt it a third.  After waiting another 30 days and, once again, paying the $110 exam registration fee.  Now here’s where things get interesting.  If the MLO licensing candidate fails it a third time, although he or she can, without question, attempt it a fourth time, this time, in addition to paying another $110 exam registration fee, he or she will be required to wait six months.


Now please follow me here.  Since you can’t get paid until you close loans, and you can’t close loans until you originate them, and you can’t originate them until you’re hired, and you can’t get hired until you’re licensed, and you can’t get licensed until you pass the NMLS exam … see where I’m going with this?  Failing the NMLS exam three times translates to the inability to originate mortgage loans for at least eight months, delaying income for almost a year, and spending over $440 on NMLS exam registration fees.  And that’s assuming that the fourth time’s a charm!


There are several reasons why the NMLS exam’s failure rate is as high as it is.  The primary reason, however, is that most test candidates assume that the 20-hour pre-licensing course sufficiently prepares them for this exam.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The 20-hour pre-licensing course’s fundamental flaw is that it requires 150 hours’ worth of material to be effectively delivered through a 20-hour format.  Now mind you, there are some phenomenal NMLS-approved 20-hour course providers offering this course.  But no course provider could ever be able to effectively deliver 150 hours’ worth of material in a 20-hour time frame; it’s simply not possible.  Unfortunately, most NMLS exam candidates don’t realize this.  They complete their 20-hour course, take the NMLS exam shortly thereafter, and find out, the hard way, that they were far less prepared than they thought.  The bottom line is that significant study, beyond the 20-hour course, is mandatory in order to pass the NMLS exam.


As a seasoned mortgage professional who has been successfully preparing people for the NMLS exam for over 15 years, I know exactly what it takes to pass this exam.  I have worked with thousands of NMLS exam candidates and have turned many soured frowns into beaming smiles!  Even people who have approached me desperate, after having failed the exam several times, have celebrated wildly after completing NMLS tutoring sessions through AxSellerated Development.


The Four Strategies to NMLS Exam Success

Investing in NMLS one-on-one tutoring sessions is an extraordinary way to improve your odds of passing the NMLS exam.  Through one-on-one tutoring, your instructor will identify and utilize your own personal learning style in order to help you master what you need to know and understand in a way that you, personally, can relate to it.  Our tutors meticulously work with the test candidate to guide them through the four strategies to NMLS exam success:


  1. Knowledge
  2. Understanding
  3. Proficiency
  4. Strategy


Step by step, the test candidate will gain the knowledge, expertise, and confidence necessary to increase the likelihood that, when he or she next sits for the NMLS exam, he or she knocks it right out of the park!  Our finely-tuned and individually-customized tutoring program incorporates practice exams, spontaneous and random test questions, and much more to help the MLO candidate pass.


One-on-one tutoring is available through individual sessions (no minimum number necessary) and through a discounted 15-session bundled package. Oh!  And for the month of December, you can save an ADDITIONAL 15% off of individual-session or bundled-package rates when using coupon code:


TUTORTOPASS15 when registering through


Think of NMLS one-on-one tutoring as an investment in yourself and your career.  Not to mention it’s a lot cheaper than failing the NMLS exam multiple times or never passing at all.


** December promotion requires tutoring session(s) to be purchased between December 1st and December 31st, 2023.  Session(s) must be conducted within six months from date of purchase.

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