NMLS Exam Readiness Assessment Agreement

NMLS Exam Readiness Assessment Agreement

In anticipation of assessing the NMLS Test Candidate’s readiness for taking the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) National Mortgage Loan Originator Licensing Examination, hereafter referred to as “the exam,” I,

hereafter referred to as “the test candidate,” desire to retain Rich Leffler and AxSellerated Development, LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation formed in the State of Delaware and hereafter collectively referred to as “AxD,” to provide an NMLS Exam Readiness Assessment, in consideration of, acknowledgement of, and agreement to the following:

1. The NMLS Exam Readiness Assessment will be provided at a rate of $25.00, fully due and payable at the time when the Readiness Assessment is scheduled.

2. The NMLS Exam Readiness Assessment is conducted over a one-half-hour, virtual meeting.

3. Readiness Assessments will be conducted virtually via Zoom teleconference. As such, the test candidate is fully responsible for independently securing any and all equipment and devices, software, and downloads necessary to facilitate the Zoom interaction including but not limited to, a valid Zoom account.

4. In the event that the NMLS test candidate needs to cancel or reschedule their scheduled Readiness Assessment, the test candidate agrees to notify AxD, in writing, of the need to cancel or reschedule their session no later than 12 hours prior to the commencement of the Readiness Assessment session. Any cancelation or request to reschedule received within 12 hours of and up to the start of a scheduled Readiness Assessment will incur a non-refundable cancellation fee equal to 50% of the scheduled session rate.

5. The fee for any scheduled Readiness Assessment session for which the test candidate is a “no show” is fully non-refundable.

6. A “no-show” constitutes a test candidate neglecting to join a scheduled session by 10 minutes past the session’s scheduled start time.

7. If a test candidate arrives for a scheduled assessment after the session’s start time but within 10 minutes therefrom, the test candidate shall forfeit the time missed as the session will conclude no later than its originally-scheduled conclusion time, even if this means that the Readiness Assessment cannot be completed to its entirety.

8. Missed time due to a test candidate’s tardiness will not be credited towards any future session.

9. The purpose of the Readiness Assessment is to assess the test candidate’s preparedness for a successful navigation through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS), 120-question, National Mortgage Licensing Examination including the Uniform State Content (USC). There is no guarantee that a test candidate will pass the NMLS exam regardless of the Readiness Assessment’s conclusions.

10. Although the test candidate will receive an Exam Readiness Assessment from a seasoned NMLS exam preparation instructor, AxD neither warrants nor guarantees that the test candidate will ultimately pass the exam. In order to pass the exam, the test candidate must independently, appropriately, and effectively, study, master, and prepare for the NMLS exam. The test candidate assumes and bears sole and full personal and professional responsibility and liability for whatever outcome results from their taking the exam while fully and completely indemnifying AxD against any consequences, adverse or otherwise, that may or does result therefrom or for any other reason.

11. If the test candidate completes an Exam Readiness Assessment and ultimately elects to pursue one-on-one NMLS tutoring through AxD, the $25.00 cost of that Exam Readiness Assessment will be credited against the cost of the test candidate’s first tutoring session.

12. The test candidate, along with any and all interested parties, agree to fully indemnify AxD against repercussions involving any consequence, including, but not limited to, loss or delay of occupation, job, or present or future income, which may result from the test candidate’s exam outcome or failure to take the NMLS National Mortgage Licensing Examination.

13. The test candidate acknowledges their understanding that AxD is in no way directly, indirectly, or otherwise affiliated with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS) and any conducted NMLS Readiness Assessment is a non-mandatory supplement to and is in no way contributory towards the satisfaction of any SAFE Act-, NMLS-, and/or individual state-specific-mandated education or other requirements.

14. The test candidate remains independently and solely obligated to satisfy all SAFE Act-, NMLS-, and/or individual state-established requirements for securing the desired mortgage loan originator license(s).

15. This Agreement may not be amended by any party other than AxD and any changes or amendments to this Agreement must be made to and agreed upon in writing.

I acknowledge that typing my name on this form carries the identical significance as a handwritten signature. *