Mortgage Originator Professional Development & NMLS Continuing Education


NMLS 8-Hour Continuing Education

OnlineEd (NMLS # 1400327), a premier, NMLS-approved education provider, offers all required NMLS Continuing Education (CE) and Late Continuing Education (LCE) to ensure that you have what you need to effectively and compliantly operate in the Mortgage Industry. The primary, 8-hour Continuing Education (CE) course, along with all state-specific Continuing Education (CE) components are now only a click or two away.

New Loan Originator Professional Mentoring

You’ve come this far … now what? Are you ready to hit the ground running? Is a police officer ready to jump into a patrol car and patrol the mean streets alone immediately after graduating from the police academy? Of course not! Now’s when the actual training begins! Through new loan originator mentoring, we will establish weekly goals, plans, and agendas so you can hit the ground running. We will discuss the most effective and efficient best practices for building referral relationships and generating new business. We’ll also resolve loan origination questions you may have and clarify concepts such as:

  • When will a customer benefit from an adjustable-rate mortgage?
  • How do you identify the best product type to offer?
  • What mortgage programs do you need to know?
  • What are best communication practices?
  • How do you consistently maintain your fiduciary responsibility to your clients?
  • How do you turn currently-unqualified prospects into new business?
  • How do you establish and build your industry reputation?

Mortgage Compliance Training & Development

Whether it’s TILA or TRID, HMDA or HOEPA, AxSellerated Development and our compliance gurus can help you maintain compliance and run a compliant and ethical shop! Reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to audit, redesign, or custom-design a compliance program perfect for your company.

The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp

Imagine waking up one day appreciating a burning desire to practice law. You have no previous legal experience aside from that burning desire to become an attorney. You reach out to a local law firm to learn about what you need to do to become an attorney and the conversation progresses as follows.

“Great to hear it!” replies the law firm’s office manager. “We just so happen to be actively recruiting new attorneys.” You’re instructed to register for a 20-hour law training course taking place over the next three days, sit for the Bar Exam on day four, and, assuming that you pass, they have a capital murder trial for you to litigate the very next day.

Absurd as this may sound, the mortgage industry still operates in just such a manner. Despite intensified regulation rendering loan originators and their employers accountable for compliance failures caused even by ignorance, many mortgage companies and banks still lack formalized mortgage training. The dangerous “learn as you go” philosophy is very much alive.

Once you pass the NMLS exam, will you honestly feel prepared to hit the streets with only 20 hours of test preparation under your belt? Would you know how to respond when your customer asks you why they have to bring $900 to the closing table after you’ve assured them that all of their costs are included in the loan? Could you respond to their questions in a credible and intelligent manner? Are you prepared to abide by all of the industry’s rules as well as state and federal regulations knowing that falling short could lead to civil and criminal sanctions against you and your company? Prosecutions for compliance failures have become commonplace over the recent years, and ignorance is no longer a plausible excuse. Can you afford not to train???

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AxD Bookstore Continuing Education

What is The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp About?

The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp is a comprehensive and detailed curriculum, specifically formulated to fill the gaping holes left open by the 20-hour pre-licensing education course. Simply put, The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp will teach you everything that you need in order to launch your successful and compliant mortgage career. Learn everything that you need in order to master:

  • Mortgage Fundamentals
  • Loan Originator Compliance

  • Winning Customer Service Strategies
  • Best Practices for Top Sales Production
  • Best Practices for Winning Communication

  • How to Take a Winning Mortgage Application

  • Proven Marketing Techniques

  • Pipeline Management

And lots more!!!

The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp will arm you with the tools that you need to be successful. And don’t overlook all of that newly-realized confidence you’ll radiate in your role as a steely-eyed Mortgage Loan Originator. The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp will prepare you to hit the streets running!

You would never deep-sea dive without scuba gear, right? Of course not! You need adequate training, ample preparation, and the right equipment for a safe and successful dive. So why would you consider jumping into the ocean of mortgage origination without the appropriate training and equipment? The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp will equip you with everything that you need to become the successful Mortgage Loan Originator you’re destined to be.

3 Ways to Join the Boot Camp

We know options are important when it comes to learning. That’s why we offer three ways to get the Mortgage 101 Boot Camp.
Choose the one that suits you!

The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp

A live mortgage boot camp for businesses and groups.
The Mortgage Boot Camp 101 author Rich Leffler delivers in-person classes designed to give you the knowledge you need to succeed as a mortgage loan originator.

The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp Book

By Rich Leffler

For the new, newly hired, and aspiring mortgage professional, a frequently updated and simple-to-understand introduction to the mortgage industry. The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp teaches you the fundamentals of mortgage origination and much more!

The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp Online Course

This online course instructs students in the fundamentals of the workplace, sales strategy, lead generation, and customer service methods. Perfect for fresh licensees seeking early success and a means to stand out.