NMLS Exam Strategy for Success

To demonstrate proficiency with the material learned, the NMLS exam candidate must find him or herself consistently scoring no lower than the mid-to-high 90s on quality practice exams.  If you’re taking practice exams and scoring lower, you’re on the right track.  But you’re not quite there yet.

Completing quality practice exams is necessary to adequately and appropriately prepare for the NMLS exam.  Practice exams, however, should never be used as one’s sole and primary means for NMLS exam preparation.

The NMLS strictly prohibits practice exams from containing actual test questions.  As such, people who only use practice tests to prepare for the NMLS exam typically end up memorizing questions and answers without understanding their meanings.  And these are questions and answers that they’ll never see on the actual exam.  Consequently, they develop a false sense of confidence by memorizing all of the practice exams’ questions and answers, only to fail the NMLS exam miserably after being unable to effectively respond to the questions with which they’re actually presented.

Critical Note: Using practice tests to prepare for the NMLS exam is necessary, but only as a supplement to standard study practices.

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