NMLS Exam Strategy for Success

To effectively satisfy this NMLS Success Strategy, the NMLS Test Candidate must thoroughly familiarize him or herself with everything appearing on the NMLS Test Content Outline (the link for which you will find below), in addition to the four federal regulations that don’t appear on it:

  1. The Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA);
  2. The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA);
  3. The Fair Housing Act (FHA); and
  4. The Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule (MARS).

The NMLS Test Content Outline is the foundation from which the NMLS exam is created.  There’s no question that the NMLS Test Content Outline contains a large amount of material.  Unfortunately, there is simply no shortcut to avoid learning it all.  Just as medical and law students have much to learn in order to secure their licenses to practice their trades, so must the mortgage loan originator.

The NMLS Test Content Outline covers the NMLS exam’s five components:

  1. Federal Mortgage Related Laws (24%)
  2. Uniform State Content (11%)
  3. General Mortgage Knowledge (20%)
  4. Mortgage Loan Origination Activities (27%)
  5. Ethics (18%)

Although the successful NMLS test candidate must be proficient in all five areas, the Federal Mortgage Related Laws section is the NMLS exam’s cornerstone.  Passing this exam requires solid knowledge of the 20 federal laws, rules, and regulations on which the test taker can expect to be tested.  AxSellerated Development’s federal law study strategies, reviewed in depth through the following two products, will effectively help you to learn all of these important laws and regulations as well as much, much more.

To assist you in mastering the entire NMLS Test Content Outline, AxSellerated Development offers proven NMLS Test Content Flashcards and insightful NMLS Training Videos:


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