Mortgage loan originator licensing candidates must be able to demonstrate financial responsibility, character, and general fitness such as to command the confidence of the community and to warrant a determination that he or she will operate honestly, fairly, and efficiently. A person has shown that he or she is not financially responsible when he or she has shown a disregard in the management of his or her own financial condition. A determination of financial irresponsibility may include, but is not limited to currently-outstanding judgments (except judgments resulting solely from medical expenses), currently-outstanding tax liens or other government liens and filings, foreclosures within the past three years, and a pattern of seriously-delinquent accounts within the past three years. All mortgage loan originator licensing candidates with derogatory credit issues should be prepared to submit a written statement, along with their license application, explaining what happened, how they have or are resolving the issues, and what they are doing to prevent the issues from recurring.